5 Movies to Put You in the Christmas Spirit

Even though the season is just starting, if you are finding yourself in a bit of a Christmas rut, these movies just might be the prescription you need to get your Santa hat out. No one wants to be a Scrooge (didn’t make the list) or a Grinch (didn’t make the list either), so fix up some hot cocoa and watch one (or all!!) of these classics. 

5. Elf

I saw this movie when it came out and I became so caught up with Christmas spirit, I bought 20 tickets for my friends and family to go see this movie. When I told them about it, they were really excited, until I told them who was starring in it. Needless to say, I got to see this movie an additional 20 times and each time, this movie became more and more awesome. By the end of this movie, Santa Claus will indeed be coming to town. | Check it out on IMDB or watch it now on Amazon.

4. Die Hard

What? You don’t think this is a Christmas movie? Obviously, you’ve never seen the movie. Not only does this movie take place during Christmas, there is also Christmas lights and snow. What more do you need? I suggest nothing. | Check it out on IMDB or watch it now on Amazon.

3. It’s a Wonderful Life

I had to have at least one classic on this list right? Well, this is by far the best Christmas movie made before 1980. Even though it is 8 hours long (hyperbole) and we only get to see about 5 minutes of the wonderful life the movie title suggests, this movie gives me chills ever time I see it. When George is running through the street, it one of my favorite moments in any movie. | Check it out on IMDB.

2. Christmas Vacation

Out of every movie on this list, I have probably seen this movie the most. Every Christmas, my parents would watch this movie and we’d crack up every time. I think my parents often thought that this was our family depicted in the movie. My dad would even call me Rusty for a few days. Such a kidder he is. | Check it out on IMDB or watch it now on Amazon.

1. Home Alone

I was 8-years-old when this movie came out (do you feel old now??) and it is by far my favorite Christmas movie. Perhaps it was because of my age, but I would have loved to have been Kevin doing whatever I wanted at that age. It is just such a fun movie for all ages. Plus, I love the music, and yes, I do own the soundtrack. | Check it out on IMDB.