For the past year, I’ve been searching for a blog solution. I’ve looked at almost every available option and have decided to make my new home Posterous. I’ll still be tumbling, tweeting, and facebooking, but my new “home” will be this blog.

I have some changes coming up in my life (which will be a future blog post – nothing bad), and in leiu of those changes, I quickly realized I was going to need a robust blogging platform. While I love using WordPress and Tumblr, I wanted a free hosting solution, but still maintain the appearence of the site and keep my domain. While you can do that with Tumblr, I wanted something more “bloggy” and Posterous was simply the best choice.

The direction of this blog will follow my passion which is education, specifically higher education and student learning. There is nothing more powerful than a great teacher but I fear many of our future “great” teachers are choosing different careers because of a poor educational experience. My goal is to change that and I hope you’ll join me in making learning meaningful.

Three cheers to the start of a great adventure.