I’ve put this post off long enough, but indeed today was my final day at Texas Wesleyan University. Tomorrow, I’m blessed to say that I start as an Instructional Designer Consultant for the University of North Texas. It is a truly wonderful opportunity and I am extremely blessed to be there.

There is so much I wish I could say about my departure from Texas Wesleyan, but it would neither be helpful nor productive. I will say, until a month ago, I never considered leaving the CETL. While I was always aware of my options, working in the CETL was too good of an opportunity. Not only was I working in one of the best faculty development centers (also now award winning!) in Texas (and possibly the country), I was given an opportunity to do what I love: assist faculty in creating a great learning environment for students. I have a deep passion for helping students achieve their dreams (corny, I know), and I loved having a job that enabled me to do just that. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, I was informed my role would be changing and I would be moving out of the CETL. Despite protests by my current boss at the time, the decision had been made. I was deeply saddened by this sudden change and I realized my time at Texas Wesleyan had come to an end.

While I’ve been blessed to work on several great teams, I’m truly going to miss the CETL team. While this may not have ended the way I wanted, I’m grateful for the opportunity I had working with each of them. I learned something from each of them that I will carry with me for the rest of my career:

From Arturo, I learned to be slow to anger in every situation. I’ve seen him work magic on the phone calming down angry faculty members, and turning a bad situation into a very productive one. He has one of the best attitudes of anyone I’ve ever worked with. Also, I don’t care what you say, Grease 2 will never be as good as the original Grease. The fact you even consider that might mean you have an unhealthy love for awful movies.

From Bill, I learned how to give honest, critical feedback. Every time I asked Bill to read over something, he would spend a tremendous amount of time giving me an honest assessment. He is easily one of the most thoughtful people I’ve ever met. Also, every time the Rangers play, I’ll think of you. Your passion for the Rangers was infectious and helped me get through the horrible World Series collapse. You are right: next year is our year!

From Amy, I learned what it means to be a good boss. While I’ve been lucky to have had great bosses in the past, Amy made it look easy. She was very personable, but knew how to get the team to function at the highest level we could. I aspire to be just like that one day. Also, I’ll hang a picture of Tim Tebow in my new office just for you. Your love for him was a little weird, but I guess we all have a favorite player.

Happy trails to my friends in the CETL. I pray blessings upon each one of you and I pray you find your path God has laid for you. Goodbye friends!

On to UNT!

PS. Take a moment to enjoy the “unofficial” CETL theme song: Never Say Never by Justin Beiber (Amy’s favorite)