It has been nearly over a year since I last updated my blog. If you read my last blog post, I don’t think any explanation is actually needed.


Hello Internet world. It’s been a long time.

My life has changed so much over the past year. Not only have I finished school, changed jobs, and started to learn what it means to be a dad.

I’ve also returned to teaching at UNT as an adjunct faculty member. One of the assignments I’m asking my students to complete is to blog. As I was explaning the importance of blogging, I realized I stopped taking my own advice. It has been a long time since I wrote some quality posts and I’m hopeful to change that.

While I’ve written that before, and before, BUT this time I’m learning from my mistakes (spoiler: I’ve already written a few). I plan on writing about educational technology, education (in general), sports, books, and running.

I used to write for others (or at least with others in mind), but now I’ve realized I need this space for me. While I’m hopeful others will enjoy the content, that isn’t necessarily my goal.

It’s good to write again.