Using an iPad as a Laptop Replacement – An Experiment

March 14, 2012

With all of the news with the new iPad, some people might be asking the question: should I get an iPad or a laptop? The answer, of course, is yes…depending on your computer needs. Most people seem to over-estimate their computer […]

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Technology and Humanity

February 8, 2012

At every step we have to ask whether current technology is leading us in directions that serve our human purposes. Such questions are not technical; they are social, moral, and political. Sherry Turkle, quoted from How computers change the way we […]

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Lifehacker: In Defense of Video Games: More Than Just an Entertaining Time Sink

Lifehacker posted a very good article addressing the question “Can video games make you smarter?” The article lays out the arguement video games do not make you smarter, but they do improve cognative ability. When thinking about video games in educaiton, […]

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Mind Dump: Distance Education

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been studying about the origins of distance education. Not only was I surprised to learn that the idea of distance learning stemmed from correspondence courses from the mid-1800s, I was surprised to learn that […]

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New York Times: Harnessing Gaming for the Classroom

January 31, 2012

A neuroscientist at Bristol University, Mr. Howard-Jones says that “computer games are very, very engaging. And just as nuclear fission can be used to make bombs or generate electricity, games also have a light side and a dark side.”

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Today was my last day at Texas Wesleyan

November 1, 2011

I’ve put this post off long enough, but indeed today was my final day at Texas Wesleyan University. Tomorrow, I’m blessed to say that I start as an Instructional Designer Consultant for the University of North Texas. It is a […]

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Why I Use a Kindle

There are many eReaders out there. The iPad, Nook Color, Sony Reader, any smartphone…and those are just the ones that are popular. There several I hadn’t even heard of. The Kobo, Novel, Alex eReader…etc. the list goes on and on. […]

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A New Website (again) & A New Focus

June 22, 2011

For the past year, I’ve been searching for a blog solution. I’ve looked at almost every available option and have decided to make my new home Posterous. I’ll still be tumbling, tweeting, and facebooking, but my new “home” will be […]

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First Kiss

May 11, 2011

Cutest video you’ll see all day. Hands down. From the YouTube description: They are NOT related. She is literally the “girl next door”. Love is her middle name. His shirt is a coincidence Pretty awesome indeed. (Source:

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Tornado in St. Louis

April 25, 2011

Tornado strikes Lambert-St. Louis International Airport on April 22nd, 2011 (Source:

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