If there is no risk of dropping, juggling is actually sort of boring. Seth Godin’s Blog (via @thedarrenwilson)

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The Paradox of Choice

December 2, 2010 Psychologist Barry Schwartz discusses the paradox of choice and how the ability to choose from too many choices has paralyzed us. He also talks about the consequences of making a choice and then second-guessing yourself. (Source:

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The Core of Good Thinking is the Ability to Solve

The core of good thinking is the ability to solve problems. The essence of problem solving is the ability to learn in puzzling situations. Bruce Joyce & Marsha Weil | Models of Teaching

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We are All in Favor of Learning

We are now all in favor of learning, just as we all aspire to be thin, but we have not changed what we cook and serve to students. Maryellen Weimer Learner-Centered Teaching

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Definition of Technology

November 19, 2010

(Technology is) anything that isn’t around when you were born. Alan Kay, Lecture at the University of California-Los Angeles, 1996

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Using Technology

If we don’t agree to the use of technology, we will be considered out of date and may lose our credibility. A.W. Bates, Gary Poole Effective Teaching with Technology in Higher Education

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Favorite Educational Videos

One of my favorite educational videos of all time. Sir Ken Robinson nails every point and I so desperately wish we could change the educational system. (Source:

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Why can’t we do this?

Such a simple premise. Why can’t we do this? (Source:

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