NPR: Writing a book but unable to read

March 16, 2012

The Writer Who Couldn’t Read from NPR on Vimeo. Imagine you wake up one morning and can’t read. Your eyes work, but the letters on the page have turned into squiggles. They make no sense. Now meet Howard Engel, a […]

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First Kiss

May 11, 2011

Cutest video you’ll see all day. Hands down. From the YouTube description: They are NOT related. She is literally the “girl next door”. Love is her middle name. His shirt is a coincidence Pretty awesome indeed. (Source:

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Tornado in St. Louis

April 25, 2011

Tornado strikes Lambert-St. Louis International Airport on April 22nd, 2011 (Source:

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What if you are wrong?

One of the best lessons I’ve ever learned in my entire life occurred when I was a sophomore in college. I was asked a question: “What if you are wrong?” While the context of the question is irrelevant, I was […]

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The Future of UI

From TED: Minority Report science adviser and inventor John Underkoffler demos g-speak — the real-life version of the film’s eye-popping, tai chi-meets-cyberspace computer interface. Is this how tomorrow’s computers will be controlled? (Source:

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Future with Glass

Wow. Just a big wow. The future is so close. I can’t wait until we are there. It looks awesome! (link via @amcollier) (Source:

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Why can’t we walk in a straight line?

NPR reports: Try as you might, you can’t walk in a straight line without a visible guide point, like the Sun or a star. You might think you’re walking straight, but as NPR’s Robert Krulwich reports, a map of your […]

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Tornado in Dallas

January 11, 2011

An amazing view of the F-2 tornado in Dallas on September 8. Happened 2 miles from where I live. This video is incredible. Here is the same parking lot, from another angle: (Source:

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Flexible Amoled Displays from CES

This is awesome. Flexible AMOLED displays from CES 2011. This is incredible and will be here before we know it. (Source:

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2010 Through the Eyes of Google

January 7, 2011

A look back at 2010 through the eyes of Google. (Source:

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